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“Doctor of Souls”: Fr. Jean Monbourquette
05/09/2011 Notre-Dame-du-Cap

An Oblate who wanted to be known as the “Doctor of Souls,” Fr. Jean MONBOURQUETTE, died in Ottawa on August 28 at the age of 77.

Fr. Monbourquette was a best-selling author and a Saint Paul University professor. A priest since 1958 and a Jungian psychologist, he was the author of numerous books and co-author of many journal articles. His books sold extremely well in Canada and abroad. His best-known work, How to Love Again: Moving from Grief to Growth, explored the grieving process. Since it was first published in the early 1990’s, it has sold over one million copies in Canada and around the world. According to his publisher, Novalis, that book continues to appear on the bestseller lists in Quebec bookstores. Today, his books are available in twelve languages on four continents.

Throughout his career, Jean Monbourquette dealt with the most sensitive and vital questions, responding to real and universal issues: grief, of course; forgiveness; the search for meaning ; male violence; death; self-esteem; and his final work, Excusez-moi je suis en deuil[Excuse me, I’m grieving].

As a priest who was also a therapist, Jean Monbourquette developed a unique and original approach where healing was achieved through both the psyche and spirituality. This approach is widely known today, but 25 years ago it was viewed with much skepticism. In this sense, Jean Monbourquette was a pioneer who made a major contribution to the evolution of attitudes in a society that was suspicious of the spiritual. He knew this and he was rightfully proud of it.

Jean Monbourquettehad serious health problems over the last dozen years. But he always bounced back, and always with new writing projects and presentations in mind. (Thanks to St. Paul University, Ottawa)