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New formation concept
24/11/2011 Central European Province

In the future, formation at Hünfeld will be according to the following plan. During the prenovitiate, the future scholastics are already studying in Fulda. Brother candidates are receiving job-specific training opportunities. Following the two-year prenovitiate, there will be the novitiate, also in Hünfeld. After first vows, the priesthood candidates will continue their studies abroad. The young Brothers will have further studies according to their professional qualifications and further formation in religious life.

Currently two scholastics are studying in Vallendar; others are already in Hünfeld and from there, they will continue their studies in Fulda.

The Moderator of the scholasticate in Fulda for the next two years is Fr. Norbert WILCZEK. He is also responsible for vocation ministry. The Novice Master and director of the prenovitiate is still Fr. Martin WOLF. This personnel decision was adopted on August 29, 2011, and confirmed by the General Administration in Rome.

After a transition period of two years, the new formation approach for scholastics will be fully implemented. It will be as described above: Prenovitiate with basic studies (Hünfeld); Novitiate (Hünfeld); advanced study, abroad.

A trial run at the Theological Faculty in Fulda has already begun in mid-October. In opening the semester, the University Rector, Monsignor Dr. Mueller, explicitly expressed his joy about the fact that the Oblates have decided to send students to the Faculty. (Nachrichten, 31 October 2011)