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Blessing of new “Media House”
03/01/2012 Ukraine

On November 24, 2011, the Provincial of the Polish Province, Fr. Ryszard SZMYDKI, blessed a new Oblate residence in Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine. Unique about this house is that all of its residents are involved in media ministry.

Present for the blessing was the General Councillor for the Region of Europe, Fr. Luis Ignacio ROIS. He blessed icons of the 22 Spanish Martyrs; the images are in the house chapel where the newly created community will take their inspiration and support for proclaiming the Gospel on television. Before the blessing, Fr. Rois expressed how touched he was by the event: that he, born a Spaniard, could bless icons of Oblates who were cruelly murdered for their Catholic faith and for being religious during the time of communist and socialist persecution in Spain in 1936, and who have been chosen as the patrons of the new community. The Spanish Oblate Martyrs will be beatified on December 17, 2011, in Madrid.

Oblates of the Ukrainian Delegation were able to hear the story of these martyrs’ lives during a meeting in Obukiv on November 21-24.

Fr. Pavlo VYSHKOVSKYY, the superior of this new religious community, expressed his gratitude to Fr. Louis LOUGEN, the Oblate Superior General, who offered a gift of icons for the new community; to Fr. Ryszard Szmydki, who with his Council donated money to enable the purchase of the kitchen for the new Oblates house; to Fr. Tomasz VYHNALEK and Friends of the Missionary Oblates from Austria, who helped with decorating the new Catholic Media Center building; and to Fr. Radoslaw ZMITROWICZ, Superior of the Ukrainian Oblate Delegation, for the courage to create a new Oblate community dedicated to media work, truly a “first” in Ukraine, and indeed, in the whole history of the Oblate Congregation.

Among the guests were Archbishop Tomas Galickson, Papal Nuncio to Ukraine; the Auxiliary Bishops of the Kyiv-Zhytomyr diocese, Bishops Stanislav Shyrokoradyuk and Vitaliy Skomarowskyy; the Oblates of Mary Immaculate working in Ukraine, Belarus and Turkmenistan; and all who came that day to share this great joy. (Pavlo Vyshkovskyy)