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Signs of the times
24/02/2012 Italy

In a letter to the members of the Italian Province in late 2011, Fr. Nicola PARRETTA, the provincial, made an announcement that is being repeated with some frequency in various parts of the Oblate world, especially in Europe and North America. He stated that in September of 2012, the Oblates will hand over the ministry of a parish to the diocese of Treviso and leave the city of Oné di Fonte in the foothills of the Alps. The Oblates have been there since 1920. From 1943 until 1983, they conducted a juniorate there. Many Oblates studied there and many relatives of Oblate missionaries reside in the vicinity.

Fr. Parretta gave the reasons for this sad departure from a beloved ministry site:

  • The impossibility of maintaining all of the communities of the province, because of the marked decrease in the number of vocations;
  • The directions that came forth from the province assembly in 2010;
  • The province’s ministerial project that followed from that assembly.